“I believe firmly that the secret to dynamic development lies at the intersection of challenges. The key, it seems to me, is finding the connections. If you drive at these linkages, you get an instant multiplier effect – solutions in one sphere unlock solutions in Others.”

Ban Ki Moon (8th Secretary General of UN)


  • Awareness generation and capacity building on LCOA practices.
  • Facilitating cooperatives for manufacturing of LCOA inputs and marketing of organic produce.
  • Facilitating organic certification at grass root level.
  • Utilizing waste to generate organic compost, biogas and electricity.


  • Promoting Low Cost Organic Agriculture practices to make agriculture more profitable and less risky for the farmers and more beneficial for environment.
  • Promoting financial empowerment of women by making them stakeholders at various levels of agribusiness value chain.
  • Preserving local culture by generating lucrative employment opportunities at the village level thereby curbing the migration of youth towards the cities.
  • Partnering with like minded volunteers/institutions to drive NEEW’s philosophy to scale greater heights.
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