Aceto Power


Acetobacter Diazotrpophicus

CFU – 1 x 108 per ml

Target Crops: Coffee, Beetroot, Sugarcane, Wheat, Paddy, Juar, etc

Method of application and dosags:

Sugar cane set treatment – Mix ACETO Power 1.0 liter pwer in 100 liter of water for sugar cane sets dipping about 15 to 20 minutes  before planting in the filed.

Soil application – Mix 500 – 0 liter ACETO POWER per acre in 50 kg well rotten FYM/compost / vermicompost / field soil. Apply this mixture at the time of planting and also use 55 – 60 days old sugarcane crop in furrows during  earthling up operation.

Drip Irrigation – Where drip irrigation is being used mix 500 – 1000 ml ACETO POWER in 200 lit of water and apply thorugh drip in 1 acre.

Foliar Spray – Mix ACETO POWER 5 – 10 ml per lit of water for foliar spray in standing crop at evening or early morning to get better results.


  • Friendly with bio fertilizer and bio pesticides
  • Don’t mix with chemical bactericide (antibiotic)
Aceto Power
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