Cms Power 20:5:20

NEEW CMS Power 20:5:20


PRODUCT DESCRIPTION– NEEW- CMS 20:5:20 (Ca: Mg: S) is excellent soil conditioner derived form gypsum. Gypsum is calcium sulfate, a naturally occurring mineral. Chemically it is about 22 -23% available calcium and 15 – 20% sulfur and other compounds.


  1. Calcium is essential for plant health and strength is a vital nutrient
  2. Sulfur increases protein in grass, grain and foliage. Sulfur also decreases excessive levels of magnesium and sodium in the soil. One pound of sulfur is required for every 10 to 15 pounds of nitrogen used by plants. Plants use sulfur in the sulfate form.
  3. Good soil structure is one of the most fundamental ingredients necessary to produce vibrant, healthy plants and lush velvety lawns. The use of NEEW-CMS POWER is one of the surest ways of insuring good soil structure. It is a natural soil conditioner that aids plant and lawn growth by loosening heavy, dense and water impervious clay soils.
  4. NEEW-CMS POWER loosens the soil, making it open and porous, water and other nutrients are able to penetrate deeper into the soil, quickly reaching the root systems. Fertilizers are more effective because they can migrate into the loosened soil quickly and can be utilized immediately because of the sulfur present in Bio. Strong, vital root systems can develop in the loosened soil, enabling the plants to reach moisture and other nutrients.

TARGET CROPS – For all crops in general and for onion, garlic, potato etc in particular.


Mode of use Grains Oil seeds, cotton, pulses, sugar cane Vegetables Fruit plantation
Soil application 1000Kg/acre 2000Kg/acre 2000 Kg/acre 2 Kg /plant


Retail packaging 50 Kg HDPE bags
Bulk packaging 50 Kg HDPE bags
Cms Power 20:5:20
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