A sustainable agriculture is one which depletes neither the people no the land.

Wendell Berry

  • NEEW becomes a facilitator for promotion of sustainable conservation agriculture in AARDO member countries

NEEW is chosen as facilitator for promotion of sustainable agriculture via it’s Low Cost Organic Agriculture (LCOA) practices in all 31 member countries of Asian Rural Development Organization (AARDO). The member countries include 16 counties from Africa and 15 countries from Asia. The experts from NEEW were sent on a deputation to the Republic of Namibia for sharing their expertise on Low Cost Organic Agriculture (LCOA) with the local authorities of rural development. The experts conducted a “Train the Trainer program” for development processing packaging and use of LOCA inputs.  The experts also prepared a detailed report on addressing the current challenges of the agriculture sector of Namibia through sustainable conservation agriculture.

  • NEEW becomes member of “National Technical Committee” for promotion of conservation agriculture in the Republic of Namibia

Subsequent to the week long extensive hands on training on the benefits of vermi composting & LCOA practices conducted by NEEW in Namibia, in February 2017 as well as being associated with the Indian delegates from NEEW during the Regional profiling visit, the officials of Ministry of Urban and Rural Development, Namibia proposed the formation of an “Low Cost Organic Agricultural (LCOA) Practices Technical Committee” whose objectives would primarily be to invoke sectoral level policies that promote sustainable agriculture initiatives as well as coordinated joint implementation thereof, in order to ascertain food security amongst rural and poor urban communities of Namibia.

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