We don’t want to protect the environment, We want to create a world where the environment does not need protection.

Capacity Building


Women Self Help Groups (SHGs) are trained on various aspects of manufacturing of LCOA inputs and methods of conservation agriculture at household level. A 7-day training program is held in first week of every month for this. The beneficiaries are trained on vermicomposting, vermi-wash and vermi-liquid making, botanical pest repellent making, conservation farming methods as mulching, crop rotation and various types of pest trapping. This is a FREE OF COST training program. Till date more than 3500 women are trained on such practices.

Free Vermi Culture & Tools

trained women are given vermiculture and other related materials for promotion of production of LCOA input at household level. NEEW’s field representative attends to all the household production sites for resolving any production related problem.


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