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Organic Agriculture Inputs

Household Level Fertilizer Production

The most effective tool to create sustainable employment opportunities for rural women is to make their existing resource profitable. Cow dung and other organic waste are very common to find in all rural households. We conduct monthly training programs to train these rural homemakers on production of vermicompost out of the available organic waste they have. They are also trained on botanical pesticide making and liquid fertilizer making. Along with the training they are also provided with free of cost vermiculture and other required tools for the production of the vermicompost in the backyard of their houses.

Once the vermiculture is administered into the organic waste-beds, our field workers monitors the backyard vermicomposting till the first production cycle is completed. The producers are encouraged to use the so produced vermicompost and other agricultural inputs in their fields as part of Low Cost Organic Agriculture (LCOA) practices and reduce the chemical fertilizer expenses. The beneficiaries are further encouraged to trade these input at INTRA-SHG level. The local NATIVE PRODUCER ORGANIZATION buys the remaining of the surplus at nearest collection center, which can be sold in the open market. Till date we have trained more than 5000 women and they collectively produce more than 50 MT of vermicompost everyday. More than 3500 hectares of land is supplied with home produced Low Cost Organic Fertilizer in 55 villages.

Cooperative Level Agricultural Input Production

Native Producer Organization is a cooperative for production and marketing of Low Cost Organic Agriculture inputs. It has a staff of 14 members at the production unit. The NPO buys the raw material from member women SHGs. These raw materials are produced by the SHG members at house hold level as well as at SHG level. These include vermicompost, vermiwash, fermented botanical pesticides, neem cake, castor cake etc. These raw materials are further processed and add on with other organic plant growth promoters, biological inputs etc, packaged and supplied to the chain of Native Agro Stores for selling in the open market.


Native Agro Store

Native Agro Stores are for the retailing of the Low Cost Organic Agriculture (LCOA) Inputs in local market. At present we have 4 such stores in the villages of Narayanpur, Neemuchana and Thanagazi in Alwar District and Kuchaman City in Nagaur District of Rajasthan.

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